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  • Orilẹ-ede:Poland
  • City:Izbicko
  • Region:Opole (Opolskie)
  • Adirẹsi:Leśna 1
  • Kikojọ Ad nọmba:24632
  • Price:470.000 EUR
  • Odun -Itumọ:2006
  • Iwọn ti awọn Nkan:21000m2
  • Iwọn ti awọn ti ntà:0m2
  • Ọkọ ti gbogbo eniyan:0m
  • School:0m
  • Number ti ipakà:2
  • Number ti filati:0
  • Number ti balùwẹ:0
  • Number ti yara:0
  • Pakà:0
  • Etikun:0m
  • Ohun tio wa Itaja:0m

ALAYE APEJUWE - gastronomic and leisure complex 5,2 ac

This advertisement concerns the sale of a gastronomic and leisure complex, which comprises of: a restaurant (3 dining halls, a viewing terrace, a summer garden for approx. 500 people, a grill booth, a large kitchen, rooms for processing vegetables, the butcher`s, tourist farm facilities: the main building: 3 rooms, each with its own bathroom + there is a possibility to convert the attic (approx. 200 sq. m. in total), moreover there are 3 additional buildings for conversion with the total area of approx. 1200 sq. m. (one of them contains a finished flat for staff), an own parking lot, a fish pond, a mini zoo with large aviaries, the area is fully enclosed with a fence. The main building has been overhauled using high-class construction materials. The shape, location and surface of the plot, as well as the location of buildings enable a quick transformation of the entire or a part of the property into, e.g. a stud farm, tennis courts, a mini golf course, a wedding house, a business and conference centre or a SPA. The entire complex is located in Izbick, a town located a 15-minute drive away from Opole and a 10-minute drive away from Strzelce Opolskie. The complex is located in a quiet and remote area with forests in its immediate vicinity (the entire complex is adjacent to a forest) on a large 2.1 ha plot of land which is close to the A4 motorway (approx. 15 km away from the exit road to Strzelce Opolskie, approx. 50 km away from the A4-A1 node), which gives it a great development potential enabling the execution of numerous ideas connected with gastronomy, hotels, agrotourism, nursing home or other kinds of activity. We hold a permit (and a final project) for the expansion of the existing restaurant with a banquet hall for 200 people. The facility is continuously in operation and it is not in liquidation. We do not anticipate a gradual `expiration` of our business. Should you need further information, please contact us by phone. The entire complex is available immediately. More pictures of the facility and its surroundings are available at: The indicated price is a net price for the entire complex - Real Estate Immobilien


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Ad eni: Markus Mientus

Ad eni
Markus Mientus
ul. Leśna1, Izbicko, PL
Mobile foonu
Oju-iwe ayelujara
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